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Jon O'Conner's best friend since they were babies. Also good friends with Lex Lexington and Jax Rodriguez. He oozes confidence and is easily distracted by women. He always tries to look out for Jon. He spends the party hooking up with random girls, when the chaos starts he moves to get Jon and Christina Valdez out of there. Has a crush on Cordelia Cox. He went to the pool party to distract himself from her leaving and got wrapped up in helping Jon out. He thinks Jon is over emotional but loves him like a brother. He doesn’t trust the police. When the vampires find them he moves closer to Jon and Christina. When Jon tackles Fury and Fabian Hernandez Will grabs Christina and runs, using Jon’s sacrifice to get her to safety. Will is tense and scared after leaving his best friend to die. He wants to get home and put all this behind him. He doesn’t want to be stuck with Christina but he stays for Jon and tries to make her feel better. He is scared when Jon shows up, he doesn’t know if he can believe it or not. When Fury shows up he takes charge and gets Jon and Christina out of there. Fury catches up with the three of them as does Lex and Jax. Will tries to fight, even slays a vampire before he is knocked out. When Gambit saves them he likes the guy, he notices Jon getting jealous and storming off. He follows him and tries to cheer him up.

                Race = Human
                Status: Alive

          -1st appearance: Dawn Of War
      Dawn Of War
      Warzone 1 pool party

Created By Jonathan Gutheinz