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Summery: The day after Kimberly’s party things go to hell. Raul is stuck in the woods being chased by a wolf. Chris gets arrested for the murders at Kimberly’s house. Lex strikes out on his own to be a vampire hunter but it goes badly. Jax, Jon and Will go and save him.

Detailed Summery:Raul is walking back to the party carrying his beer gets scared and hides off the side of the bridge as the police drive by. He slips and falls, dropping the beer. Lex and Jax show up and join in Jon and Will conversation about the night’s events. They talk it over before Trinidad shows up and tells them Chris is missing. They go back to Kimberly’s house. Chris is hiding in the closet from the killers when the cops show up and arrest him. Jon and the others are across the street watching Chris get thrown into the car. The cops question him all night. Until Detective Singer lets him go but warns him not to leave town. Lex goes out to hunt vampires and makes Jax promise not to tell the others. Raul is chased through the woods all night by a giant wolf. The sun comes up and saves him. He then spends all day walking through the woods till he comes to a street. Will finds out that Lex is missing. Jax tells Will and Jon that Lex is hunting vampires. The three of them go off to help Lex and the four of them make it out alive. They all agree to keep hunting.

          -Kimberly Jones:
          -Jon O'Conner
          -Will Sutherland
          -Jax Rodriguez
          -Christina Valdez
          -Raul Gonzalez
          -Lex Lexington
          -James Parker: Mention Only
          -Charles Johnson: Mention Only
          -Chris Johnson
          -Chris's mom: 1st appearance 
          -Chris's Dad: 1st mention
          -Josh Rowel: Mention Only
          -Cindy Campbell: Mention only
          -Fabian Hernandez 
          -Gambit Mention: only
          -Trinidad:1st appearance 
          -Detective Jared Singer
              San Diego
                 - The Stratton apartments
                 - Kimberly Jone’s House
                 - Streets
                 -Police Station
                   -Interrogation Room

         May 2015