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Summery Pool Party is the first issue of Warzone. Written by Jonathan Gutheinz and continues the story started in Dawn Of War.

Detailed Summery Jon O'Conner and Will Sutherland are talking about girls, Christina Valdez in particular at Kimberly Jone’s House pool party. While Jax Rodriguez, Raul Gonzalez, Chris Johnson, James Parker and Charles Johnson are getting high in the shed. Jon gets up the courage to talk to Christina and they hit it off. Lex Lexington comes into the shed and finds Chris smoking. He kicks him out and Raul leaves to go get more beer. A group of party crashers attack the party and kills Kimberly Jones. Jon, Will and Christina run off with some other party goers. Lex and Jax run thru the streets as Charles and James are killed by Vampires. Fury and Fabian Hernandez kill off everyone that escaped with Jon and Will. Jon takes the two blood suckers on in order to save Will and Christina. Jax and Lex catch up to Jon, Will and Christina. Fury and Fabian find them as well and a fight breaks out. Jon is almost killed when Gambit shows up and takes on the vampires. Fury and Fabian escape, and the gang loves Gambit. Jon runs off when Christina hits it off with Gambit. Will catches up to him and tries to cheer him up.

          -Kimberly Jones: 1st appearance
          -Jon O'Conner
          -Will Sutherland
          -Jax Rodriguez
          -Jax’s Mom: 1st mention
          -Stratton owners: 1st mention
          -New manager of Stratton apartments: 1st mention
          -Christina Valdez
          -Raul Gonzalez
          -Lex Lexington
          -James Parker
          -Charles Johnson
          -Chris Johnson
          -Josh Rowel
          -Cindy Campbell
          -Fabian Hernandez: 1st appearance
          -Jamie Jones: 1st appearance
          -Suzanne Cark: 1st appearance 
          -Alyson Gonzales: 1st appearance
          -Harmony Henderson: 1st appearance
          -Alvin Smith: 1st appearance
          -Jackie: 1st appearance
          -Jay: 1st appearance
          -Regina: 1st appearance
          -Cordelia Cox: 1st mention
          -Leo Cox: 1st mention
          -Fury: 1st appearance
          -Lex’s Mom: 1st mention
          -Lex’s Sister: 1st mention
              San Diego
                 - The Stratton apartments
                 - Kimberly Jone’s House
                 - Streets

         May 2015