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Tales #2: Vamp U

Summery A College is invaded by vampires who are looking for something hidden in its halls by a teacher. A slacker kid stumbles into the invasion and tries to stay alive. Sacrificing a man’s life to stay alive only to turn around and sacrifice his own to save a girl he has a crush on.

Detailed Summery Once again Tony wakes up late for school. Instead of going he just turns his alarm on and sleeps through another class before finally going. Once on campus he heads towards the caf instead of class to get some food. The cafeteria was full of vampires who were holding students and teachers hostage while they were looking for the Dreamers Chest. Tony tries and fails to escape. Samantha takes care of him till he wakes up. A pile of dead students nearby. A few vampires leave Craig there to watch over them. He starts tossing Tony around the room. Tony falls through the window causing Craig to burst into flames. The students all take off, leaving Tony, Brandon, Samantha and Mr. Chiles behind. When Brandon shows to need help Mr. Chiles runs off. The exit is blocked off and Samantha runs off to find an exit while Tony and Brandon follow behind. The head vamp and three of his vampire friends catch up to Tony and Brandon. Tony throws Brandon at the other vampires and runs away, saving himself. He catches up to Samantha and the two of them enter the stairs. She trips on the stairs and Tony leaves her. He makes it to the roof before feeling bad and turns back to go save her. He helps her up and pushes her ahead of him. He is captured by vampires and feels the life flow out of him as he watches her run to safely.

     -Tony: 1st appearance 
     -Ms. Texas: Dream Only
     -Craig: 1st appearance
     -Samantha: 1st appearance
     -Mr. Chiles: 1st appearance
     -Dr. David Geller: 1st Mention
     -Head Vamp: 1st appearance
     -Gambit: Mention only
     -Brandon: 1st appearance
     -San Diego
      -University of Southern San Diego  
    -May 2015