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Esau likes to hang out on the roof of his aunt and uncles house. He hates living here but after his mother died on Christmas eve he had nowhere else to go. On Christmas Eve some kids took him out to the park while his mom was working a double. He knew he wasn’t going to get home on time so he prayed that she would be late. That night she died. Darrell took him out to the middle of nowhere and took off leaving him lost and alone. He was home alone waiting for her to return home when news finally came that she was dead. His aunt and uncle claimed him but acted like he never existed. He wasn’t allowed to get his stuff back or even clam his moms body. He wasn’t allowed to go to school or even let people know he was there. His life is over until he spots a man appears in a flash.

         -Esau: 1st appearance 
         -Esau’s Aunt: 1st appearance
         -Esau’s Uncle: 1st appearance
         -Esau’s Mom: 1st mention
         -Police officer: 1st appearance
         -Police officer 2: 1st appearance 
         -Darrell Smith: 1st appearance 
         -Mario Russo 

             -San Diego
               -3356 Hindrance Lane
             -May 2015