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Leo and Cordelia make their way to the airport as their mother tells them how proud she is of them. Leo thinks back to how much he misses his father.

Meanwhile Draco and Shaw are already at the airport where Draco starts to grow annoyed at his friend and takes off to get some time alone. Shaw picks this moment to go and find some food. Draco starts to get annoyed as he looks for his lost friend. Leo and Cordy finally make it to the airport.

Draco sets off to find Shaw but gets himself lost when his phone died. Leo and Cordy find Shaw and find out that Draco got himself lost in the airport. With only 20 minutes left until the plane takes off Leo sets off to look for his friend.

Leo comes back empty handed. He looked everywhere but with no luck. At the last second Draco comes out of nowhere and they all get on the plane.

The four land in Egypt. Shaw feels like an outsider in the group and it is only made worse when he fails to help Leo when he is attacked. Draco steps in and saves Leo, proving once more he is a better person than Shaw.

Leo and co arrive on at the dig site and quickly find themselves lost. It isn't long before people come to confront them. Dr. Doren and two of his men come and point out how stupid Leo and his friends are. It turns out they walked right past the sign in table. They make their way back and find Dr. Geller.

            -Leo Cox 
            -Miss Cox                                                                                                                          .           -Cordelia Cox 
            -Father Cox
            -Shaw Riddle
            -Dr. David Geller
            -Dr. Doren 
            -Soccer Hooligan
            -Soccer Hooligan 2

Created By Jonathan Gutheinz