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Mario Russo is hunter/ relic hunter/ Sorcerer. He grew up in Denver. He has been dealing with the occult for the past 40 years. When he was 16 he met Girl In White and it changed his life, he started hunting with the help of his friend Ralph Veneruzzo. In his teens he met a vampire named Gambit and they became fast enemies. At 26 Mario met Mario's lost love and fell in love till Gambit killed her. Mario spent some time training under Merlin Ambrosius back in the past. Where he fell in love with Morgana until she turned on him. He fought her again in the present. Mario is a master of magic, even the dark arts. His favorite weapon is his Metal Bracelets. He went and found the Golden Fleece in order to save Sal Gregory's Wife as a favor to Sal Gregory. He met and fell in love with Jessica O'Conner and gave up hunting for her, until he learned Ralph was in danger. He left his wife and son, Jon O'Conner, in order to try and save him but it was too late, Gambit killed Ralph. Mario found some the Dreamer’s chest scrolls that held the secret to what Gambit is after and gave them to his friend Henry Carter to translate. It took two years, during which he was never home and fought in a great battle that lead to the death of his close friend Joseph Kinsley. Once home he was 56 years old and his powers were acting up. He gets a call from Henry and takes off in search of the chest. Henry betrays Mario and he barely escapes with the Dreamer’s chest and his life. Mario hides the chest and gets into a final fight with Gambit, in which he dies. But not before he transfers information of the chest into his son’s mind. His last home was 3855 Hindrance Lane. He owned a Warehouse full of weapons and artifacts. His prized car is a 1978 Pontiac Trans Am.

    Race = Sorcerer 
    Status: Dead
    1st appearance: Dawn Of War
    Death: Dawn Of War
   Dawn Of War

      - Jessica O'Conner: Ex-Wife
      - Jon O'Conner: Son

Created by Jonathan Gutheinz