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Mario’s dad’s shop is not doing well. He has to make a deal that he isn’t happy with to try and save his family. Mario has been dreaming of Alyssa nonstop and spending all of his time trying to figure out a way to prove that ghosts are real. Ralph shows up to take his friend out to a party but Mario doesn’t want to go. They finally come to an agreement, Ralph helps Mario with a summoning spell and Mario will go to the party with him. The spell is a dud and nothing happens. The two friends go to the party where a fight breaks out amongst them. Ralph wants support from Mario but all he wants is to go and find a way to bring Alyssa back. Tommy V and Sal stop him and talk to him about some secret project they want to bring him into. He tries to get out of it and slip out of the house. He gets a few blocks away when he starts to feel guilty for ditching his friend. He turns back and heads for the house, only to be knocked off guard by some kids running for the hills. Once back inside he finds the house a warzone, everyone is acting crazy. Tommy V and Sal tell him about what happened and how everyone is living out their worst fears. They go upstairs and find Ralph, who puts the blame on Mario. Everyone turns against him but he tries to smooth things over by saying he can undo it all. The four of them make the long trip to the library. Once there they break up. Mario goes up stairs to find the spell book and undo this mess, while Ralph and the others stop a guy from burning the place down. Ralph gets infected and nothing happens. He becomes terrified that his fears are going to attack him at any moment. Mario gets infected and he starts to see all his loved ones as undead zombies attacking him. He tries to fight them off, while Tommy V is infected and falls down the stairs. Mario over comes his fear and tries to fight off the demon but it dies from being in our world before it has a chance to hurt him. Tommy V and Sal run off and Mario and Ralph patch things up.

      -Mario Russo
      -Ralph Veneruzzo
      -Tommy V
      -Sal Gregory
      -Al: 1st time named
      -Mike: 1st time named
      -Ka’Lee Demon
      -Mr. Russo: 1st mention 
      -Alyssa: Mentioned and in dreams
      -Cole Simon: 1st mention by name, Alyssa’s boyfriend 
      -Mr. Needs: 1st mention
      -The librarian, Madam Horn: 1st appearance 
      -Cindy: 1st appearance
      -Lily: 1st appearance
      -Cynthia: mentioned. 
      -Amy: 1st appearance 
      -Joe: 1st appearance
      -Jaina: 1st appearance
      -Sam: 1st appearance

         -Halts Glee
         -Cindy’s House
         -Russo’s shop
         -Ka’lee summoning spell
        -Ka’lee demon
       -November, 1974