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Mario is day dreaming on his roof till his friend Ralph wakes him up. They are late for a party up in the mountains at the captain of the football team’s house. Mario has been waiting to go so that he could finally ask Cynthia out. They get to the party and have their first beers, they stand around drinking for a while till Mario gets up the nerves to ask her out. Cynthia is already hitting on James and Mario is rejected and humiliated. He leaves the house is a rush forcing Ralph to beg and walk his way home. Mario spots Alyssa walking barefoot down the path and picks her up. It is love at first sight and he takes her back to her barn where they talk all night. He gives her his jacket to keep her warm and they talk till the sun comes up. She goes inside her house and tells him to come back on Monday. He goes to Ralph’s house and tells him everything. The next day at school starts off bad, Mario is almost jumped in the rest room but somehow gets on Tommy V’s good side. To the annoyance of Sal. Mario also humiliates James before going into math class and having Mr. Jones tear him a new one. Instead of dealing with the principal he skips school and goes home. Mario over sleeps and rushes to Alyssa’s house ready for their date. Once there he runs into her mother and is sent away after finding out she has been dead for 10 years. He goes to the cemetery to double check and finds his jacket on her tombstone, he makes a promise to find out what the truth is no matter what.

   - Characters
     -Mario Russo 
     -Cynthia: 1st appearance
     -Ralph Veneruzzo: 1st appearance
     -James Burkle: 1st appearance
     -Mr. Russo: 1st mention
     -Ms. Russo: 1st appearance: 
     -Mr. Veneruzzo: 1st mentioned: 
     -Alyssa: 1st appearance
     -Ms. Torres: 1st appearance
     -Tommy V: 1st appearance
     -Sal Gregory
     -The third dealer, Al: 1st appearance: 
     -The fourth dealer, Mike: 1st appearance:  	
     -Mr. Jones: 1st appearance 
     -Principal: 1st appearance
      -Halts Glee
      -James house
      -Alyssa’s farm
      -Mario’s house
      -Ralph’s house
      -Halts High
      -Halts Glee cemetery
        -Mario’s Late 60’s Ford Falcon: 1st appearance.
     - Races

       -November, 1974