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The son of Mario Russo and Jessica O'Conner. His birth name is Jonathan Russo but he goes by Jon O'Conner. He doesn't remember his father. He spends a lot of time hanging out with Lex Lexington, Will Sutherland, and Jax Rodriguez. He has a crush on Christina Valdez. Mario's dying act is to put some of his memories into Jon's head. At the pool party he gets a really bad headache that fills his mind with images that he can’t make out but it only lasts for a few seconds and then it’s gone. He is a real nice guy, too nice for his own good. He gets very nervous and when he is embarrassed his face turns red. Quick to jealousy. He has bad luck. Will pushes him to go and talk to Christina, he starts to win her over. When the vampires attack he tries to get Christina out of the party, the host of the party, Kimberly, almost lands on them. As the vampires chase him he starts to get closer to Christina. He holds on tightly to Christina when Fury and his vampires find them. He is scared that they are all going to die, he pushes Christina off of him and runs and tackles Fury and Fabian Hernandez to buy Will and Christina time to flee. The two vampires don’t like that, they start hitting him hard. He gets beat to within an inch of his life until Fury orders the vampires to let him live due to his spunk. They give him a head start. He finds Will and Christina after a while, he is in more pain than he has ever been before. He follows Will when Fury catches up to them. Lex and Jax show up and help out as Fury and Fabian catch up with them. Jon helps Christina as the others fight the vampires. He runs to go help and is saved by Gambit. At first he likes Gambit until Christina takes a liking to him, then he gets pissed and storms off.

       Race = Human
       Status: Alive
       -1st appearance: Dawn Of War

       Dawn Of War
       Warzone 1 pool party
          -Mario Russo
          -Jessica O'Conner

Created By Jonathan Gutheinz