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Good friends with Lex Lexington, Will Sutherland and Jon O'Conner. He is a Short chubby Mexican, who Loves to get high. Looks up to Lex but is scared of him at the same time. When everything started going down he was in the shed. He watches Charles Johnson die and freaks out running for his life. He is terrified at what is going on. He gets sick due to the fear and drinking. He refuses to believe in vampires. He is very insecure. Lives in the Stratton apartments, runs towards it when they finally get close. He has lived there 3 different times since he was 3. His mom was the manager there until the new owners let her go. When James Parker dies Jax falls back and is scared out of his mind. Lex saves him. He catches up to Jon and Will. He tries to help fight the vampires but gets knocked into a car and passes out.

        Race = Human
        Status: Alive

      -1st appearance: Dawn Of War

      Dawn Of War
      Warzone 1 pool party

Created By Jonathan Gutheinz