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An Irish vampire who is hunting for the Dreamer’s chest and has been for decades. He has at one time or another worked for Kerrigan and Morgana. He hates working for Kerrigan and has her spies among his ranks, he kills them off when he gets the chance. Mario Russo is his number one enemy. They met when Mario was in his teens. Gambit kills Mario's lost love as well as his best friend Ralph Veneruzzo. Gambit finds the chest but doesn’t want to slay the Guard Dragon that is guarding it so he makes a deal with Henry Carter to set Mario up to slay the dragon. The plan works and Gambit ambushes Mario, but he escapes before Gambit can finish him off. Gambit uses Morgana’s talisman and teleports to San Diego and uses it to block Mario’s powers as he kills him. The talisman is destroyed but not soon enough to keep Mario alive. Just before killing his greatest foe he learns that Mario has a son, Jon O'Conner. Mario gives him a slash across the face.

       Race = Vampires
        Status: Undead

       -1st appearance: Dawn Of War

Created By Jonathan Gutheinz